Improve English by Harry Potter Movies - 1a

Listen movies and better understand spoken English in real life | taught by Yusuf Katı

Course description

Hi, English Learners!

Are you feeling so much difficulty to understand people in real life conversations?  

Can’t understand exactly what that guy is telling you on the phone?      

Not able to understand the speech when you are watching a video on the web?      

You can easily understand a piece of text by reading, but you are not able to understand people by listening, have you been suffering from this problem since you started to learn English? If so, the solution is right here. Right inside this course. Give it a try!            

In this course, you are going to listen to the speech of people from the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. 

This course is the second part of this movie, that’s why it has a 1b phrase at the end of its name.      

There is only listening in this course. Only Listening.      

The goal of this course is to increase the amount of meaning you will get from a real life conversation by listening. You will listen to the sentences of people exactly as they are spoken in the movie.

Who should take this course?

  • Feeling so much difficulty to understand people in real life by listening
  • Can’t understand the speech of people when watching videos on the web
  • Not able to understand the guy who is speaking to you on the phone

What are you going to get from this course?

  • Better understand people by listening
  • Better pronunciation like native speakers
  • Better speaking without hesitation
Yusuf Katı
Yusuf Katı
Leading the Language Teaching Innovation

One way to become a fluent speaker in English is to go abroad and live in a country where people speak English. Isn't that true? But, do you have time to go abroad just to make yourself to speak English?

You may have enough time and budget to do it, but, think about your time, whatever the budget is, your time values much more than that. Now, you can achieve the same goal by listening movies.

That is exactly what is inside this course. Get inside and see what it's like.